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The following steps should be completed if a member of your organization has come in contact with or has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

1. Affected individual or Parent/Guardian should contact the President and COVID-19 Safety Officer of the possible or confirmed case.

2. COVID-19 Safety Officer and or President will notify the local Department of Public Health.

3. Notify close contacts or others on the team who may have questions about their risk of COVID-19 by sending out the COVID-19 Notification Form (Found in Right Column of RTSA webpage) Do not release the name of the affected person. Be prepared to stop all activities with the affected team/teams for 14 days.

4. If a case of COVID-19 is reported to you, notify Massachusetts Youth Soccer COVID-19 Safety Officer - Tamie Endow using the COVID-19 Exposure Reporting Form

It is important to keep rosters of who was at practices and games each day to aid in the contact tracing process. For more information on how contact tracing is done, see How Community Tracing works.

COVID-19 MA Youth Safety Officer - Tamie Endow will be available to answer any questions you have. Contact Tamie by email at tendow@mayouthsoccer.org

Contact Tracing Process

1. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) receives the name of a resident who tests positive for
the coronavirus and loads that person’s information, including where they live, into a state database called the Massachusetts Virtual Epidemiologic Network, or 
2. The person’s local board of health sees that case and decides whether to investigate it or send the case to the statewide Contact Tracing Collaborative (CTC), run by Partners In Health (PIH). Massachusetts has contracted with PIH to manage the contact tracing operation.

3. A case investigator calls the person who’s tested positive to check in. They discuss his or her symptoms and medical care, answer questions about the virus and explain the need to isolate from other people for 10 days after the
first sign of symptoms. State guidance includes remaining in isolation for 72 hours after any fever and respiratory symptoms end.

4. The case investigator also asks the person infected with the coronavirus for the names of recent close contacts. A close contact is anyone who was within six feet of the infected person for more than 15 minutes within at least two days of their positive test.
5. Contact tracers attempt to call each close contact to tell them they were likely exposed to the coronavirus. The tracers help contacts arrange to be tested. Each close contact is asked to remain at home, in quarantine, for 14 days. Individuals who are sick with COVID-19 will need to stay out for a period of time. You can find most up to date information on these recommendations at 
If You Are Sick

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