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Welcome to Nashoba United!

Welcome to Nashoba United (NU) Regional Town Soccer Organization, a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization located in Bolton, Lancaster, and Stow area.  

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Interested in more soccer? but not club soccer?

Interested in more soccer? but not interested in club soccer?

The Town Select League of Massachusetts Youth Soccer works in cooperation with town soccer programs to provide playing opportunities in a league that focuses on quality coaching, player development, and joy of the game. Teams are formed from 4-8 town groups, which provide select competition and limited travel to and from the practice field. The coaches are nationally licensed and uphold the mission statement and values of the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association.

The Town Select League (TSL) is currently offered to boys and girls born in 2007-2013 who reside within the Essex, BAYS, Middlesex, MAYS, and NVYSL (Nashoba Valley) areas. The tryout venue does not determine where a player will be rostered. If a player makes a team, he/she will be rostered in the closest proximity to their residence.

Tryouts for TSL will take place in June throughout Massachusetts



Players eligible for a roster spot within the TSL :

1. Must play for their town team
2. Need to attend at least 1 tryout
3. Cannot play for a club team that plays in an independent league.
If your child is interested in the TSL and cannot make the scheduled tryout dates, or if you are interested in a coaching position within our program,  please contact TSL Program Director Maureen T. LaRoche at   .

To learn more about the TSL in detail, visit our website at www.mayouthsoccer.org/programs/town_select_league/

by posted 05/08/2021
Summer Soccer 20 minute away


Mass Youth Soccer is planning for a 2021 District Select Program Season to take place.  It will consist of 4 weekends of games on July 10th and 11th, July 17th and 18th, July 24th and 25th, and July 31st and August 1st.  Boys and Girls 11U through 14U will play on Saturdays.  Boys and Girls 16U and 19U will play on Sundays. All games will be held at Massachusetts Youth Soccer fields located here.

The District Select Program (DSP) is designed to be a development opportunity for players affiliated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer over the summer. The goal of the program is to provide a pressure-free, yet competitive soccer environment in which players can focus entirely on their development. This program is developmental and therefore no standings will be kept during the season.

Per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts reopening guidelines at that time, there may or may not be a season-ending tournament on August 7th and 8th

STow and Lancaster are in is District 6

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We need Volunteers!

We need Volunteers! - it's a new soccer year beginning last July 1st and we need new volunteers to join the Board of Directors. 

The following positions listed below are open; 

  1. Coaches

  2. Referee Assignor

  3. Referee Trainer (Genesis Director)

  4. Game Day Referee Coordinator (to be at the fields during the games) 

  5. Field Coordinator

  6. ​NU Equipment Manager

  7. NU Treasurer

If you would like details on any of the positions, please click here to send a message to the Registrar and we will put you in touch with the right person to learn more about the responsibilities and time commitment.

We know that everyone is busy, but it is also important that new volunteers join the board and bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the organization.

by posted 06/13/2020